About Browser Security

The security of your personal data is questioned every day, because cybercriminals regularly try to attain your (usually very private) information. The number of online threats is rising steadily, but those who invest a small amount of time into the protection of their web browser can prevent themselves form brazen theft with just a few clicks - quickly, easily and effectively.

Browser Security is your specialized protective shield in the fight against phishing attacks and malware threats, which are scattered around the Internet. Protect your PC and your personal information with our free browser plug-in against attacks that threaten your security.

Online thieves take sensitive passwords, secret credit card information, e-mail addresses or account information.  But how do they access this information? Perhaps one of these examples sounds familiar? Unfiltered content in social networks with links, that contain detailed replications of websites of trustworthy companies or banks. The only revealing element that you could potentially identify yourself is the changed URL.

The practices of the scammers are becoming ever more sophisticated - Browser Security always has the right answer and is your safe, free partner.

With Browser Security you browse the web securely. The selection of the appropriate browser lies entirely up to you: The security package is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft's Internet Explorer as a free download.

Although web browsers generally offer a basic protection against phishing and malware based on lists, the timeliness of the entries quickly reach their limits. Our browser security plug-in recognizes threats on the basis of algorithms and a sophisticated heuristic - and all in real time. This Live Protection gives you more security than ever before and an uninterrupted surfing experience!

We offer you the best and safest solution against fraudulent phishing or malware attacks, in a time where headlines are full of large-scale data theft caused by hackers taking advantage of vulnerabilities.